Air & Surface Sterilisation For Healthcare, education & the working environment

Our award winning range of portable, wall mounted and ceiling mounted UV-C products offer effective sterilisation of all surface and airborne germs, including Coronavirus.
Made in Europe

Safe and discreet Air Sterilisation

Using forced circulation, air is drawn-in through the units and up through the interior of the lamp, where it is exposed to UV-C light and disinfected, before being pushed out of the vent as clean, safe air.

All of our air sterilisation units have been designed to be used around people, shielding them from the high-powered UV light and destroying the germs and viruses whilst keeping you and your colleagues absolutely safe.

High-Powered Surface Sterilisation

These highly effective lamps are recommended for use in healthcare facilities, doctors surgeries, residential care homes, convenience stores, public and private transport vehicles, petrol stations, courier companies, public administration and educational establishments.

The integral motion sensor ensures the safe operation of the surface sterilisation products.

* Not designed for use within private homes.

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