Cornish Resort Takes Lead On Infection Control With Investment In UV-C Technology

Una St Ives is a resort offering villas, a gym, a restaurant and spa facilities, based in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, has invested in the long-term safety of its guests and members with the purchase of germ-busting UV-C light air sterilisation technology.

In common with all hospitality and leisure facilities, the resort has endured a difficult 12 months during the pandemic. Now, as the sector emerges from the latest lockdown, Una St Ives is set to re-open with a renewed focus on safety and hygiene.

The resort’s Life Fitness Gym is open to residents, guests and members throughout the year and is typically a popular and busy hub. Una St Ives has called upon the expertise of fellow Cornish firm UV Clean Light to ensure the best possible level of germ protection for its gym goers.

James Hemming, Resort Director, Una St Ives, comments: “Gyms have been under close scrutiny in terms of health and hygiene and we wanted to ensure that our facility was as well protected as possible for re-opening. We have invested in ceiling-mounted UV-C light fittings which, when activated, eradicate all harmful microbes from surfaces. These lights are switched on between gym sessions and are controlled remotely from outside the room while the gym is empty. This offers an extra level of hygiene over and above any manual cleaning. Additionally, we have installed air sterilisation units to eradicate airborne germs. These units run all day while the gym is occupied. 

“Over and above the UV-C sterilisation, the LED lighting has significantly improved the light levels within the gym. In fact, the associated energy savings from the LED lighting will pay for the UV-C investment in less than one year.

“Obviously, Covid has been a main driver for this investment, but we feel that infection control will become a real differentiator in future months and years. Gym-goers will want to know that their health and safety is being managed professionally and robustly.”

Keith Wyatt, Managing Director of Cornish-based UV Clean Light comments: “Una St Ives is really leading the way here. The pandemic showed that the UK’s infection control protocols were simply not up to scratch, and it is those businesses taking such measures seriously that will earn the trust and loyalty of consumers.

“UV Light is proven against Covid. But is also highly effective against 99.9% of germs. This means fewer staff sick-days, and far less risk of colds and flu spreading between guests. This investment will protect staff, guests and the wider public for many years to come.”

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