UV Clean Light partners with Enki Music to form Enki Future Venues

Supporting a Safe Future of Live Venues

The impact on the live music industry through the pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of our venues and businesses. In most cases they were the first to close and last to re-open when lockdowns happened.

As the world looks to the future beyond and including COVID, Enki Future Venues can provide your business with the advice and practical, commercially viable solutions to understand what your venue needs.

Enki Music are a group of music industry professionals who have extensive experience working across the international music industries. As artist managers, international consultants, songwriters and within record labels we have applied a philosophy of artist-first music support within an ever-changing, contemporary industry. 

UV Clean Light and Enki Music have combined to form a partnership to help make live venues safer and more resilient to future disruptions.

Find out more at enkifuturevenues.com

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