Liverpool Health Clinic Re-Opens After Taking UV Light Fight to Covid

Essential services resume thanks to innovative UV Clean Light lamps which kill Covid-19 in just 15 minutes

A Liverpool-based health centre has re-opened its doors thanks to the deep-cleaning assurance provided by mobile ultra-violet light lamps.

Jennifer Green Therapies, situated in the south of the city, has been providing osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropody, sports massage and other treatments for over 20 years. In common with all non-essential businesses, the centre was forced to close during the height of the pandemic. Once the green light for re-opening was given, the business was determined to do so in a way that robustly protected the health and wellbeing of its clients – many of whom are elderly.

Business owner Jenny Green had an advantage over many others in a similar position in that her father is a scientist specialising in UV light. The benefits of UV light in disinfecting against Covid-19 have been well publicised recently, but typically reports show usage on a large scale in spaces such as hospitals and airports. With the expert guidance of her father, Jenny was able to source suitably powerful and portable lamps for her smaller business from Cornish-based UV Clean Light.

Jenny comments: “Obviously, given the type of business that we are, there’s a lot of close contact with our clients. So, we wanted a solution that would give us the best possible means of disinfecting our premises throughout the working day. Once we found UV Clean Light we immediately ordered two of their 72 watt lamps, along with a stand which enables us to position the lamps anywhere.

“Now, whenever one of our treatment rooms is not in use, we plug the lamp on and leave it in the room. Depending on the size of the room, the lamp will completely disinfect all surfaces in 15-30 minutes, meaning we can safely occupy that room and switch the lamp to another space.”

Keith Wyatt, Owner of UV Clean Light, comments: “Specifically, this is UV-C light energy which is not the same as the UVA used in tanning beds or UVB from sunlight exposure. The size and cost of UV-C light solutions has previously been prohibitive to most organisations. Now, more portable lamp solutions have been developed, making this a solution that can work in any situation.”

Jenny and her colleagues have been so reassured by the UV light solution that the clinic is further investing in UV Clean Light’s air-disinfection unit for use in rooms that are permanently occupied. The air filter system will be placed in reception where it will eliminate any harmful microbes from the air.

Jenny continues: “Our therapists and staff simply love the extra safety that is provided by these UV solutions. We have a number of regular elderly clients who view our services as absolutely essential to their quality of life, so to be able to set their minds at rest about our safety measures and to get back to some sense of normality has been really important.

“This investment was a response to the challenges of now. But it also enables us to future-proof against any future outbreaks or disruptions of a similar nature. That’s really reassuring.”

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