UV-C Sterilon Light (108W)


Added Safety Feature – RCR Motion Sensor

The task of the inverted RCR motion sensor is to protect people and animals against accidental intrusion into the zone of direct UV-C radiation of the lamp when it is switched on.

When motion is detected (contrary to the standard application of the RCR sensor), the UV-C module is turned off. If there is no motion for a period of 10 minutes (in the specified coverage zone), the UV-C module is turned on again.

The high-power UV-C lamps are recommended for use in larger healthcare facilities, doctors surgeries, residential care homes, convenience stores, public and private transport vehicles, petrol stations, courier companies, public administration and educational establishments and within private homes.

Our 108W UV-C lamp is able to effectively kill microorganisms within an area of 35m2.

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• Type of light: UV-C ultraviolet
• Body colour: white
• Disinfection efficiency: 35m2
• Lifespan: 8000h
• Supply voltage: 220-240V
• Ingress protection IP20
• Power supply cable 5m
• Ergonomic movable handle
• Available option: ON-OFF switch
• Adapted for mounting on a Future Stand tripod
• Dimensions (A/B/C) [mm]: 270/480/100

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