UV-C Light Air Conditioning and Sterilisation

UV-C Air Sterilisation Unit

Introducing Sterilon FLOW, our portable air disinfection solution

Made in Europe - High Quality UV-C Lighting

UV-C Sterilon FLOW – safe disinfection. Available in 72W and 144W versions

UV Clean Light’s product range has been expanded with new STERILON FLOW UV-C airflow disinfection luminaires. These devices are an ideal, economical and aesthetic solution to the problem of air disinfection in constantly occupied rooms where exposed UV-C light cannot be used whilst people/animals are in the vicinity.

Portable UV-C Air Filtration

Using forced circulation, air passes through the bottom of the unit and up through the interior of the lamp, where it is exposed to UV-C light and disinfected, before pushed out as clean air at the top. Shielded UV-C light does not escape from the unit, so it can be used in rooms where it can safely and effectively disinfect the air in the presence of people, allowing them to carry-on with their work. This method allows for eliminating harmful microbes from 110 to 160 m3 of air per hour.

Double-function luminaires are an ideal solution for rooms with regular, temporary presence of people – e.g. in medical rooms, restaurants, beauty salons, educational and care facilities, shops and everywhere where there is a constant flow of people during the day and no room occupation at night. After occupancy, the unit’s covers can be opened allowing direct disinfection of the surface.

UV-C Air Filtration

Sterilon FLOW UV-C units are double-function luminaires – after opening they can also be used for direct disinfection of surfaces (with observance of direct disinfection safety measures – you must leave the room during luminaire operation).

UV-C Light Air Sterilisation and disinfection unit