UV-C Lighting controls and certification header

Controls & Certification

UV Clean Light have a range of UV-C lighting control solutions, which allow for remote control of units, and for intelligent reporting and auditing of UV-C sterilisation for efficient certification

Intelligent Remote Control

UV Clean Light has worked with a world leader in controls and remote monitoring, to develop a fully automated UV lighting system. This allows the UV lighting to be operated remotely ‘out of hours’, when no one is present.

The client sets the zones to be sterilised and sets the required ‘cleaning’ time on the dedicated app (suggested after midnight).

Our system then actively scans using PIR sensors for sixty minutes prior to the preset time (e.g. 2am). Five minutes before activation the system announces “Warning UVC cleaning commencing in five mins”.

If no movement is detected in the full sixty minutes prior to and during the light up fifteen minutes, the system will commence cleaning and run for fifteen mins when it automatically shuts off.

Certification of Sterilisation

We feel it is essential that we not only control the switching of the lights themselves, but also we must validate the actual delivery of sterilising ultra violet radiation. In this way, we can help build the confidence of members of staff, members of the public, or pupils and parents, in the case of schools, that they or their children are entering a sterilised work place, school or hotel each day.

Our fixed, wireless UV-C detectors provide a certificate for all sterilised zones and alerts for those not cleaned due to detected movement.