UV-C Light safety goggles and PPE

Safety – Working with UV-C Light

UV-C light is highly dangerous to living organisms, including humans.
Please read the safety precautions which come with all of our portable lights

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Operational Safety

UV-C light emitted by the lamp is highly harmful to humans and other living organisms. UV-C light is harmful to the eyes and skin. After starting the lamp, no people or animals must be within the range of the direct UV-C rays. You must always minimise the time of being within the range of the UV-C rays.

Lamp damage bears a low risk of negative impact on your health. If the fluorescent lamps break, ventilate the room for 30 minutes and remove the parts, preferably with gloves. Place them in a sealed plastic bag and take to a local waste disposal facility for recycling. Do not use a vacuum cleaner.

Dangers of working with UV-C light

Important Safety Notice

Never look directly at the UV-C light or stay within range. Safety glasses are recommended.

Always wear eye protection when working with UV light

Secure the working area to prevent other people from being exposed to the dangerous UV-C light.

Keep UV-C lights secure as they are hazardous to health

Coronavirus and other bacteria – How effective is UV-C light?

UV-C Light in the battle against viruses and bacteria

UV-C light degrades the DNA and RNA code in the cells of living organisms. The UV-C lamp can help eradicate pathogenic viruses, mould and bacteria from your work and home environment. The efficiency of disinfection with UV-C light has been widely known and used for years. The disinfection efficiency of UV-C light has been confirmed by the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) in ISBN 978 3 901906 25 1.

SARS-CoV-2 disinfection efficiency (coronavirus causing Covid 19 disease)

Further to recent studies by organisations such as Boston University, we now know that the dose needed to neutralise the SARS – CoV-2 virus causing COVID-19 disease is approximately 6mJ / cm2.

This means that a lamp emitting 1W of UV-C radiation at a distance of 1 metre from the source needs 360 seconds, or about 6 minutes to remove 90% of the virus from the surface.

Our UV-C lamps are available in 36W, 72W and 108W.