Destroying coronavirus with UV-C light

UV-C Sterilisation Lamp (72W & 108W)

Ideal for large area disinfection cases

Made in Europe - High Quality UV-C Lighting

Our 108W UV-C lamp is able to effectively kill surface microorganisms within an area of 35m2, whilst our 72W model is effective in an area of 25m2

The high-power UV-C lamps are recommended for use in larger healthcare facilities, doctors surgeries, residential care homes, convenience stores, public and private transport vehicles, petrol stations, courier companies, public administration and educational establishments.

These products are not designed for use within private homes.

It takes just 15 minutes to fully-disinfect the recommended area.

Coronavirus & UV-C Light

Safety Precautions


UV Clean Light dimensions 72W 108W UV-C lamp
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Made in Europe - High Quality UV-C Lighting

• Dimensions (A/B/C) [mm]: 270/480/100
• Type of light: UV-C ultraviolet
• Body colour: white
• Disinfection efficiency: 25m2 (72W) 35m2 (108W)
• Light source lifespan (UV-C): 9000h – N.B. (after which the lamps are still effective, but at 90% of initial UV-C radiation)
• Supply voltage: 220-240V
• Ingress protection IP20
• Power supply cable 5m
• Ergonomic movable handle
• Available option: ON-OFF switch
• Adapted for mounting on a Future Stand tripod
Does not produce Ozone, which many others brands of UV-C light do

Declaration of Conformity

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Standard Accessory

Universal Strap – Mounting without tools

Hanging strap for a UV-C light
Hanging strap for a UV-C light

Additional Accessory

Future Tripod – Mounting without tools

UV-C Light on a tripod
Swivel head UV-C light on tripod

Disinfection efficiency

The disinfection efficiency is presented by CIE and other research units based on the dose that needs to be implicated to re- move 90% of the microbes from the surface.

For most of the known bacteria and viruses the required dose does not exceed 8 mJ/cm2.

This means that the lamp emitting 1 W of UV-C radiation at a distance of 1 metre from the source needs 800 seconds or about 13 minutes to disinfect the surface in 90%.

Lamps from the UV Clean Light series emit light at a distance of 1 metre from the source:

• UV-C Lamp 72W: 1.44W UV-C radiation
• UV-C Lamp 109W: 2.16W UV-C radiation

The efficiency of UV-C radiation decreases in inverse proportion to the square of the distance from the light source. Therefore, the closer we place the light source to the surface requiring disinfection, the more effective the light will be.

We have assumed 15 minutes as an indicative disinfection time for our products.

It may vary due to the power of the lamp used, the distance between the surface being disinfected and the light source, temperature and humidity.