UV Clean Light helping to protect the UK’s school pupils and teachers

Airborne transmission of Covid-19 and other common viruses and bacteria reduced using Sterilon UV-C units

The challenge of protecting the UK’s schools from the spread of Covid-19 has been a considerable burden on staff and finances. Considerable costs have been incurred in the use of sterilisation methods such as fogging, which owing to it’s limitations has required repeating every day in order to be of use. This, however, only kills germs on surfaces and does not protect children and staff during the day.  Our UV-C Sterilon units protect pupils and staff all day, every day and there is no on-going cost, apart from the running cost of each unit, which is less than an old 100W light bulb.

“I just thought you may like to know that we have a confirmed case of COVID at Ludworth. The child caught it over half term at a local amusement park and came into school on Monday 7th June, not realising they had caught it. They developed symptoms later that day when at home. We had to close the whole Early Years bubble (37 children) and isolate 9 members of staff. There have been no further reported cases from their bubble. This must be to do with your UV cleansers. This variant is highly transmissive and so you would have expected someone else to catch it as they were with their classmates and teachers for 6 hours.”
Mrs Joanne Sones, Head Teacher, Ludworth Primary School, Moor Crescent, Ludworth, Durham, DH6 1LZ

The above statement demonstrates the efficacy of our Sterilon UV-C in reducing the airborne transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for Covid-19; along with other common viruses, bacteria and mould. It also saves considerable expense and potential harmful cumulative effects of repeated exposure to disinfectants from fogging.

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